Missional Imposition and Attractional Compulsion

Missional – living sent, going to them, outward focus.

Attractional – drawing in, come to us, inward focus.

Forgive me for minimizing both concepts, but I believe we’ve heard and read enough of each, and those words are still evolving.  There exists a nexus in both cases where presence is not genuine or community is forced.  What do I mean?  As you obey God’s call for gatheredness and sendedness, there will be those who do not want you there and those who don’t want to be there.  Where is “there?”

One the one hand it’s wherever you’re going.  On the other hand, it’s wherever you’re gathering.  If you’re the one going, eventually you’ll run into folks who don’t want you there.  If you’re the one gathering, eventually, you, or others, will not want to be there.

For the missional folks it’s “speak a blessing of peace on the house or shake the dust off of your feet.”  Matthew 10:1-3  For the attractional folks, it’s “do not forsake the assembling of yourselves.”  Hebrews 10:25  In both cases, there exists the possibility of disingenuous fellowship.  Missional folks can impose, and attractional folks can compel.  In the next part of this series, we’ll talk about how not to impose or compel in a manner that is contrary to Christ.  For now, A few questions:

1.  How do you as sent person, know when you’re not welcome, or have overstayed your welcome?

2.  How do you as a gatherer know when you’re only fellowshipping because of compulsion?

3.  How does the church avoid both? 

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