0 thoughts on “CAUTION! If you can't see JESUS in me, then…

  1. Sondra Jenkins says:


  2. I enjoy clever little one-liners and the like. I think Jesus is always best represented through bumper stickers, ‘evangelism’ t-shirts, ‘Jesus fish’ emblems, refrigerator magnets, oh, and desk top calendars! Yay!

  3. Kirk Stephens says:

    I was just thinking the same thing, but from a different view point. My question that I was just sitting down to post, is this. Does anyone else, struggle with this question? “If I am the embodiment of Jesus Christ in the world, then perhaps the world is in deep _ _ _ _? Or do you remember that we are many parts of a single body, that while we are being perfected and sanctified in Christ, we work together cohesively with different gifts for the advancement of the kingdom? So, what if all the world can see, is me?

    • Peter says:

      Graham Cooke points out that God specifically chose you because, “You’re weak and foolish and have a history of screwing up,” Also, that He’s budgeted for this in His plan for the world. So even though I regularly question God’s selection of me for anything (What *was* He thinking?!?), I have confidence that God is able to trump my errors on His behalf.

      Otherwise, yes, I’d say the world was +*$&:!!

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