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  1. Michael McDonald says:


  2. Tim Baker says:

    In my experience it takes Time to make disciples. Short Term Mission trips can make connections, but if connections are not being made in a discipleship relationship it falls short of effective disciple making. I used to go on a lot of short term trips and it would break my heart to leave. I am sure it can be done, I just guess my methods and view of discipleship are slow and long term focused.

  3. Marti Wade says:

    Mission trips can do much to initiative, revive, deepen, or demonstrate discipleship … of those who =go=.

  4. YES! I’m hosting a dozen mission teams next year in NYC. My goal for these teams is to “mature disciples on the team so that we can make disciples on the field!” First of all, the Christians on the team need to be strengthened in their walk. A short-term project for them is formational for their future growth. One trip in Ecuador, for example, may place that young believer on a path to lifetime, Great Commission activity. When participants see people in a different culture and serve them and share the gospel with them their hearts begin to be drawn to the nations which is a reflection of God’s own heart.

    Secondly, the mission team is laboring in the field is an essential part of the disciple making process. In my context, we are one family trying to meet and live missionally among 110,000 people (which is just one community of about 100 just like it in a total population of 2.3 million people and 20 million people in the metro area). As a family, since we live here long term, we can go deep but we can’t go wide. A mission team on the other hand, can go wide (though they can’t go deep). By deep and wide I mean that we often prioritize depth of relationship when it comes to making disciples but there were some people who Jesus and Paul met only once or who responded to the gospel after the first conversation. Though they didn’t spend the next three years together was that not disciple making? I personally will never pray for and/or share the gospel with all 110,000 people in my community but everyone of them needs to hear the good news. When done right, mission teams and long-term missionaries together can go both deep and wide. Which one is more important? I don’t think we can answer that question.

  5. David Woods says:

    I always thought short-term missions trips made disciple-makers. Are you talking about running in and out of a particular area in a short amount of time, or bringing people short-term into a long term work. The latter makes sense, but the former seems like more of a waste (unless something comes of it). But of course, you’d know better than I whether or not the former style short term missions could work or not.

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