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  1. We all make disciples in pretty much the same way; whether I’m apostolic or not is simply irrelevant. Paul is a great example. Yes, he made disciples everywhere he went, but he often moved on rapidly to another place, planting churches wherever people would listen. So who discipled the people in the churches he planted? They discipled one another.

    Often, we see making a disciple as an event rather than the ongoing process that it truly is. Perhaps a better English word would be apprentice. An apprentice learns by doing and by working alongside an expert. Jesus is the only expert so he is really the only discipler of any value. But we know that Jesus lives within us and that his Spirit is constantly filling us. So he can make disciples through me, through you.

    Disciple making is not ‘bringing someone to Christ’, that’s just a first step. It’s teaching and encouraging someone to follow Christ whether they already believe or not. Becoming an apprentice is important, but remaining an apprentice is essential. One of the things every apprentice needs to see and follow is that they should also begin to be used in making disciples.

    If I let Jesus speak through me and act through me he will draw others to himself. That’s what he does. That’s how disciples are made – whether I’m apostolic or not.

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