So, Does That Mean I'm NOT a Church Planter?

I love Making Disciples.  I love being used by the Lord as a maker of disciple makers.  I love analyzing the gospel needs of communities and those individuals which make them up.  I love establishing small groups of people who have a desire to gather together in fellowship, worship, encouragement, and the equipping one another in the faith.  I love fostering the duplication of those groups.  I love the multi-generational natural outgrowth of placing myself amongst people with the good news of my Lord.  I love to promote the gathering of believers from different perspectives and unifying the brethren.  I love passing on what the Lord and others have taught me.  I truly do love all those things.

Here’s the thing though…

I have very little love for being involved in setting up leadership structures within larger groups or “making leaders.”  I have very little love for organizing, planning, or delegating the liturgy or order of church services.  I have very little love for committees.  I have little love for boards of directors within the church.  I have very little love for non-particapatory pew sitting.  I have little love for being “pastoral.”  I have little love for branding, advertising, or promoting a single church.  I have very little love for getting people to “go” to church so that they can get what they’re not getting “from” the church every day.  

I love all those who can do and love those things.  It’s just not me.  So, does that mean I’m NOT a church planter?  Go ahead, let me have it.  I can take it.    

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  1. David Woods says:

    (Referencing everything you said—first paragraph AND second)

    That’s why I like you, Miguel. That’s why I bother checking this blog every day. You really seem to “get it”.

    • Miguel says:

      David, that just might be like telling a dog “good boy” after he tears up your shoe. But, I’ll take it. What I don’t “WANT” to do is conform my thoughts to a tiny niche of people who “get it,” but hopefully effect a larger audience of those who want to get it. If that makes any sense.

  2. Jim Wright says:

    I totally relate. Same here.

  3. Tim Baker says:

    I tend to find a lot of my time spent in the second paragraph, but that is not where my heart lies. That being said I am very blessed to be where I am and I am finding a lot of connections in the Middle Tennessee area who are very like minded.
    In my Cultural area the chief Idol to be destroyed is the one of “Church” as simply an event, organization or institution. Though once that is destroyed the simplicity of discipleship and relationships unlock doors I never thought could be opened.

  4. Kirk Stephens says:

    Making disciples? I thought it said make church people, church buildings, draw big salaries, make consumers of all that promotes the church? what kingdom?

  5. Randy says:

    As I read your self-describing positions, I can say I see myself (and many others) in almost all your words. I would say that the similarities are kind of twilight-zone uncanny; but obviously, given the large numbers of unconnected people who are newly discovering their biblical position of being sent to make disciple-makers, it seems clear that God Himself is deploying His Church. From the depth of your descriptions, it sounds like you’ve been thoroughly detoxed from Sunday morning Christianity, and obviously that’s a good thing – especially for those who need to hear about Him. Therefore being labeled as “church planter”, “pastor”, or “clergy” etc, is probably not important to you….as it shouldn’t be. (Maybe that’s why Jesus told us not to allow/enable/desire others to call us by such weight-bearing, simple-to-use labels such as “leader”, “rabbi”, “teacher”, “father”. (Matt 23:5-12) These are too easy to achieve and carry – without actually being obedient to the Great Commission). So I guess we’re stuck with living a sent life, as a “maker of disciple makers”. This “label” is not easy to use without an explanation; not hip nor cool, but above all the other labels we might have, this one suggests that the one who authentically lives it out, is 1) not interested in labels, 2) actually following a biblical directive and may therefore more accurately be walking out the definition of obedience….doing the most good for the least notoriety…I AM SENT

  6. Mark Guinn says:

    I’m very much in the same boat, and for a while really doubted my own calling because of it (how can I be called to build the church when I don’t even like church, etc). Some of the stuff in your second list is clearly a waste of time, but I wonder if some of it is also good stuff that you’re not into because of your prophetic bent. Maybe those are teacher, pastor, and possibly apostolic interests? One of the guys that’s discipling me said the other day that prophets are into incarnating a message more than leadership structures. That made a lot of things make sense for me.

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