My First Dynamic E-booklet "14 Shifts in Disciple Making and A Framework"

My first E-booklet was just released on Amazon!  It’s titled “14 Shifts in Disciple Making & A Framework.”  It’s subtitled “A Dynamic E-booklet,” because it has been designed to be expanded by you, the community of believers.  It’s not free, but the proceeds will go towards ministering to those in need of much relief in the Andes Mountains Cloud Forest Region of Ecuador.  That said, I’d invite you to purchase it and write a review on
Here’s the link:  
There are still some tweaks to be made and the kinks will be worked out in the coming days.  Regardless, if you purchase the book for your Kindle or Kindle enabled devices, you will receive all updates free of charge.  If you simply can not purchase the book, I will be happy to send you a PDF version in exchange for an honest review.
For five 24 hour periods in the next 90 days, this E-booklet will be offered free of cost.  I don’t know when.  If you are an Prime member, you can “borrow” this E-booklet for free at any time. If you would like to be notified when that happens, you can do so by clicking on the word “Subscribe” in the upper right hand corner of this page.  

0 thoughts on “My First Dynamic E-booklet "14 Shifts in Disciple Making and A Framework"

  1. Lori Scott says:

    Miguel, we would like a print copy of this to put in our university library. Do you have any copies in printed form? If so how much would one copy cost? Thank you.

    • Miguel says:

      Lori, Thanks for the first time comment. As of yet, the book is not in print. It’s fluid and will be updated often. Consider it an open-publishing document or “dynamic.” That said, I’ll be happy to send you a high quality PDF.

      • Lori Scott says:

        A pdf would be great! Would it be okay to put the pdf file on reserve for our seminary students to use for class purposes?

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