14 Shifts In Disciple Making – Free on Kindle Today

“14 Shifts in Disciple Making & A Framework” – Today, this Dynamic E-Booklet is free on Kindle.  Get it Amazon Right Now  I call it an E-booklet because, frankly, it’s short.  I also call it Dynamic, because it’s not going to stay that way.  One of my colleagues said that I was embarking on a new type of publishing.  I suppose it is.  My friend, and author of “The Cost of Community: Jesus, St. Francis and Life in the Kingdom,and Living Christ Together: Reflections On The Missional Life,  Jamie Arpin-Ricci, said, “It left me wanting more.  I think it could be very helpful for communities to explore some important aspects of their discipleship framework.” Amazon allows me to update the Ebook and upload the revisions.  If you go to “manage your kindle” on your Amazon account, you’ll be able to download the revised version for free.  I’ll let you know when the updated versions are released via this blog.  In order to receive those updates, I’d invite you to subscribe in one of the following ways:

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For those of you who subscribe, I will also send you a high quality PDF for printing to use in your church’s, small groups, or other gatherings.  My intention for this E-booklet is not to make money for myself, but to use its proceeds towards ministry here in the Andes Mountains Cloud Forest Region of Ecuador where these Disciple Making Shifts have been fleshed out.  Our 2012 Christmas Basket Project is approaching, and if you’re inclined to help simply go HERE. 


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