Tyndale Quote on Politics and Christian Leadership

WILLIAM TYNDALE (1494-1536), was an English Reformer (known as ‘the Apostle of England in the time of the Reformation’) and the translator of the first English New Testament from the Greek (1526).

A historical movie drama, “God’s Outlaw” was produced in 1986

Tyndale was martyred for his translation work and his writings in the defence of Biblical Christianity. Tyndale was hunted as a heretic, taken and imprisoned under the laws of the Church; after being condemned for heresy, he was formally stripped of his priesthood, strangled and then burned at the stake. Tyndale’s English Translation is read yet today as the greater part of the King James Bible, first published in 1611.

In a modern-day translation (Mine), He had this to say regarding  politics and Christian leadership,

Christ frequently forbids his disciples from attempting to rise above those in politically authoritative worldly positions or those Christians who are citizens of the Kingdom of God.  cf. Matthew 18, Matthew 20, Mark 9, Mark 10, Luke 9 and Luke 22

 Here is the quote in its original form. 

“Christ forbideth his disciples and that oft (as thou mayest see Matt 18 and also 20, Mark 9 and also 10, Luke 9 and also 22, even at his last supper) not only to climb above lords, kings and emperors in worldly rule, but also to exalt themselves one above another in the kingdom of God.” 

According to Tyndale then:

Christians should not try to usurp the authority of those who are already in worldly  powers of authority.


Christians should not impose hierarchical structures over one another within the church or  Christendom in general.  

Was Tyndale correct?  



0 thoughts on “Tyndale Quote on Politics and Christian Leadership

  1. Rob Kampen says:

    I do love it when folk decide to get back to the Bible to inform them about how to think and act!
    Recently heard Landa Cope speak and been reading the results of her research (almost 20 years now) going from cover to cover to determine God’s thoughts on: government, business/economics, church, family, arts, communication/media, science and education.
    Well worth reading, she articulates it so well and addresses this question in her comments on government.
    see http://templateinstitute.com/2011/09/read-the-old-testament-template-book-online/

  2. David Woods says:

    I think it is best said this way. All power and authority is given us from above when it is given. If God does not grant it, we should not assume it, but take a lowly stance, and sit at the lowest place at the table until we are called to a higher place by the Master of the house.

  3. Tom Schultz says:

    No question it lines up with Jesus’ teaching and the idea that His Kingdom is not of this world.

  4. Marc Winter says:

    This question is the most important question in the history of Christendom. Does God work directly with each individual follower, or is a hierarchical structure needed? The answer might seem obvious, but in its practical outworkings it is far from obvious.
    I contend that this hierarchical structure is the foundation that the enemy of all souls has used to usurp the only rightful head and Lordship of Christ.
    Pastors, priest, and elders would not acknowledge that they have usurped the Lordship of Christ, but they have. Jesus said call no man Father or Rabbi or teacher. The exact moment these individuals, either by omission or cognition, set them up as authorities, they have been the cause of spiritual adultery in the body of Christ.
    Make no mistake about it, this seemingly harmless, subtle subterfuge, has been and is the foundation of the serpents hold on the whole of Western Christianity.
    In the light of spiritual warfare, this was done pretty much in broad daylight, and without our questioning. From the third century AD until today, popes, priest, and secular kings have claimed Christ’s authority as their own, with little question. The Scriptures were hidden from the masses, and then under the self proclaimed head of the Anglican church, King James and Bancroft oversaw the deliberate mistranslation of the Scriptures, specifically and tactically to give usurpers the upper hand, and easy means to mislead and keep the sheep from their Shepherd. Mistranslating the words “church” “the office of” “priest” “obey” “penance” and more.
    The church system is not God’s Ekklesia. Church only serves to perpetuate this deception until it is no more.

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