Christ is the Living Bible

Although Manton (1620–1677), an English Puritan, is little known now, in his day he was held in as much esteem as men like John Owen. He was best known for his skilled expository preaching, and was a favourite of John Charles Ryle, who championed his republication in the mid-19th century, and Charles Spurgeon. Of Manton, Ryle said he was “a man who could neither say, nor do, nor write anything without being observed.”[7] Spurgeon said his works contained “a mighty mountain of sound theology” and his sermons were “second to none” to his contemporaries. He went on to say, “Manton is not brilliant, but he is always clever; he is not oratorical, but he is powerful; he is not striking, but he is deep.” [8] His finest work is probably his Exposition of James.  You may download that for your Kindle HERE.


One quote by Maton which caught my eye and led to this post is as follows:


“In the Scriptures there is a portrait of God, but in Christ there is God himself. Christ is the living Bible.”


There are several conclusions that may be drawn from this quote.  What are they?

Which scripture verses contain ideas similar to this quote?

Is Christ “the living Bible?” 

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  1. That’s what it means to say Jesus is the Word of God. The living Christ is the Word of God. The Bible gives portraits, bears witness to how communities of the past believed they were experiencing God in their present, through their history, and in expectation of the future. Even if we lost all of that, we’d still have the living Christ.

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