Gospel Obstacles

A purposefully vague and open-ended question:

In your estimation, what are the 2 most common obstacles or impediments to the transmission & reception of the gospel? 

Your answer should have 4 points – 2 Obstacles to reception and 2 for transmission.

Please use the comment section for those answers.



0 thoughts on “Gospel Obstacles

  1. Laurie Norris says:

    Barriers to reception.

    1. Contempt prior to investigation.
    2. Fancied self sufficiency

    Impediments to transmission.

    1. Lord fill this talk with worthwhile stuff
    2. And nudge me when I’ve said enough

    All 4 ideas are borrowed.

  2. Rob Kampen says:

    1. Preconceived ideas / world view / cultural filters that block the truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom
    2. Self satisfaction / sufficiency – I’m okay, not such a bad person
    1. Preaching less than the Gospel of the Kingdom – focus on decisions, rather than discipleship
    2. Agendas held by the transmitter that are not God’s
    Just my thoughts….

  3. Karen Mosteller says:

    I. 1) Listening to the wrong voices (the Devil’s, the world’s, the flesh … my own or the flesh of another fallen human being), as opposed to listening for the Voice of God;

    2) Counterfeit gods (i. e., living independently of the one true God … John 17:3 … reliance on self, not Savior … on my own natural abilities, as opposed to walking in supernatural power from on high, manifested through the power & presence of the Holy Spirit of the living God indwelling the life of a believer).

    II. 1) Same
    2) Same

  4. Marshall says:

    1) wealth [perceived wealth] (hard for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God)
    2) cannot accept/perceive “one God” or supreme source of all things.

    for transmission, I’m not sure that the question is valid since it would presume an inefficiency to bring the Gospel of Christ, undermining the premise of evangel [enabled messenger].

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