Ekklēsia or (Church) in the Old Testament?

Old Testament ChurchHave you heard the statement, “The Church began at Pentecost?”  I’ve always wondered if a case can be made for Old Testament Ekklēsia or (Church.)

Can it? 

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  1. Alan Knox says:

    There have been many ekklesiai throughout history. In the Old Testament, gatherings of people were often referred to as ekklesia – many different types of people. Of course, in contemporary literature of the time, even gatherings of animals were referred to as ekklesia.


  2. Laurie King says:

    That little list in Hebrews of those that looked forward in faith for the Promise, indicate that there was eklesia (called out ones) in the Old Testament. Because, surely its about living in faith.

  3. Marshall says:

    ekklesia being as those called out, coming together.

    before the re-new of the old covenant, Israel was “called out” by way of the calling out of Abram, the calling out from Egypt, etc. They did come together (congregate):
    ekklesia being similar to edah + cahal. Yet, without the power of the Hold Spirit upon them, they would lack the reach to function fully & administratively in spiritual things.

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