Did Jesus Teach This Through Paul?

jesus_scrollThe Philippian Church was taught:

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.  Philippians 2:3,4

These words were penned by the Apostle Paul. The question is, did Jesus teach these words to the Philippians through Paul? 

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  1. Laurie Norris says:

    Jesus lived it.

  2. Kirk Stephens says:

    Same discussion as before. Should the whole Bible be in red letters. The Holy Spirit is part of the Godhead. When the Holy Spirit speaks through us, it is the same as Jesus speaking. As long as our words are backed up by a lifestyle of action. Faith without works is dead.

    • Miguel says:


      It’s one thing to say “faith without works is dead,” but another to say that the truth of the Word depends on our behavior. How we act never affects the veracity of the scriptures, only how well others may receive it through us.

  3. David Woods says:

    He taught them to all people through Paul. I think the bigger point here is that is is a direct teaching that was meant as a direct teaching that was written to a large group of Christians, some of which were probably unknown personally to the writer.

    The point being of course that we can take this as a teaching to us from the Lord that we don’t have to extrapolate anything from or “read in context” or make assumptions about what was “meant” by it. We can take it as a teaching that was meant to be taught to the masses, and can therefore, take it that it is for each and every one of us.

    Your comment to Kirk is interesting though. There are lots of Scriptures that are only for certain people, and there are lots of promises in the Bible that are conditional. I believe that how we act radically effects whether certain individual Scriptures will apply to us or not just from these two reasons alone.

  4. Kirk Stephens says:

    My comment was to reflect on the fact, that the whole Bible is the inspired Word of God, and our words actions, and lifestyle are to reflect Jesus Christ in all that we do. We are the embodiment of Christ in the world. If we are to make disciples of Christ, then we must reflect His image, (the best we can), as we are still maturing and being perfected in Him. Paul became, all, to all, as long as it was consistent to the scriptures, so he could reflect the love of the Father through Jesus Christ. A love that surpasses our understanding. Loving our enemies is really hard to do, so we must let Christ Who dwells in us, lead us. Not only in this but in everything. Truly dying to self, that the Lord might be glorified, and so the whole world will bow to Him. Our love for the Father, has to equal His, and it can only be accomplished by Him, His Word, and prayer. Followed by our actions to love one another as He loved us. Easily said, and if we truly submit to the Spirit, maybe easily done.

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