Church Repairmen?

churchrepairmanThere are many reasons that would cause a local church to be in a state of disrepair.  And no, I’m not talking about a building.  Local churches are simply communing followers of Christ who:

~ Are believing, repenting, baptizing, learning, loving, serving, and proclaiming the Gospel

~ Are under Christ’s Kingdom authority and headship influencing by example and overseeing the health of His Body

~ Are living to accomplish His mission of going, baptizing, teaching, establishing, equipping, empowering, and releasing

I don’t see the need to add any more “marks” of what the local church consists of, but if you have any to add, please do so in the comment section.  Regardless, there are times when local churches are broken down, in disarray, or in disrepair.  Normally the word “disrepair,” is attached to something mechanical.  When a washing machine, car, or even a building is in disrepair, we call a repairman.

Since local churches are not mechanical and more organic in nature, a set of natural questions surface:

1.  Do local churches in disrepair need repairmen?

2.  Who are these repairmen? (repairpeople?)

3.  What is their function, and how should they go about this repair business?


Is there anything wrong with someone who always seems to want to “fix” the church?  

0 thoughts on “Church Repairmen?

  1. Marshall says:

    Why do we want to fix the church? That it may serve or enable me better? Or, by extreme contrast, are we experiencing empathy with/in the Holy Spirit for the Bride and government of Christ?

  2. David Woods says:

    Only God Himself can truly repair the church. Any person attempting to do so should really be doing nothing more than pointing people towards Him. Biblically, the person who attempted these things was:
    A) In the NT, the one who planted the church
    B) Was almost always, (if not always), NOT a member of the local church body they were attempting to “fix”. They were outside the church body, and therefore, not subject to the “political” games and pressure within the church.

    I don’t really think there is anything really wrong with people trying to fix the church as long as they are not a part of that local body. Ones who are, are usually just trying to get church the way they like it, and get their own way—usually for their own personal benefit.

    As far as who these people are, I’d say only those called by God to do so, or, as I stated earlier, maybe the one who planted the church.

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