Put These 7 Mission Words In Order

Word-OrderMissions, short or long term should always begin with ADONAI:

Literally “my Lord,” the plural form of Adon, that is, “Lord” or “Lordship.”  The word occurs in the Masoretic text 315 times by the side of the Tetragram YHWH (310 times preceding and five times succeeding it) and 134 times without it. Originally an appellation of God, the word became a definite title, and when the Tetragram became too holy for utterance Adonai was substituted for it.

So, in short, missions begins with God, Father, Son, and Spirit.  In Latin, “the order of salvation,” is called  “Ordo Salutis.”  It is the common theological doctrine that deals with the logical sequencing of the benefits of redemption as we are united to Christ which are applied to us by the Holy Spirit.  We’re not here to discuss that.  Instead, let’s consider “Ordo Absentis.”  The Order of Mission  

Using that “A” word (Adonai) as the foundation, or starting with Christ, put these 7 words in the order you think most biblical.  Use the comment section below.  Needless to say how you arrange them may be different from others.  If you feel you need to explain your word order, feel free to do so. 


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  1. Hmmm… It’s like throwing stones at women caught in adultery… The wisest people don’t engage and slip away… The foolish people are willing to chuck a stone but they’d like the ‘wise’ people to go first, so they wait…

    Well, I’m so foolish I’m going to throw first on this one!

    Here’s my order for the words.

    Accessibility – I need to recognise the Father IS accessible, all the time
    Availability – be ready to be used
    Assessment – check out the local people, culture, needs etc
    Announcement – share the truth
    Aptitude – useful, but we’re out of the realm of essential at this point
    Agenda – no, I’d rather led the Spirit set that
    Attract – no, don’t reel them in, go out and tell them

    Having said that (and trying to be wise now it’s too late) may be there’s no right answer here. He says, hopefully. 🙂

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