Are the Scriptures in the Bible Propositional, Objective, and Self-Evident Truth?

mri-lie-detector-1A short, but difficult question:

Are the Scriptures in the Bible Propositional, Objective, and Self-Evident Truth? 

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  1. Marshall says:

    testimony; witness.

  2. Jim Wright says:

    Propositional and objective? Often.

    Self-evident? Hardly, unless I want to be the ultimate standard of what is true, real and right.

    Rather, His Word (in all it’s forms) will not return void but will accomplish all that He intended – because, among other things, He bears witness to it within those who are exposed to it.

    It stands true independent of me, but not independent of Him.

  3. Allen Barnes says:

    Not self evident. No need for those propositional, self evident statements if the truth contained therein is self evident.

  4. David Grant says:

    But of course they are self evident truths. Perez, son of Tamar and Judah, was Jesus’ great, great…grandfather. Thus, a daughter in law should sleep with her father in law. LOL

  5. David Woods says:

    Like everything else in existence, they belong to God, and can do with them as He pleases. I would say they propose the life God intended for us, so in that way, they are propositional, i guess, but they are subject (and therefore subjective) to Him, and His whim, and they are definitely NOT self-evident, or everyone that read them would come to the same conclusions. I think we can all agree that doesn’t happen. They are God-evident. They need Him to interpret them, and make them evident. I think the Bible makes it very clear that the the Holy Spirit (not just the Bible) is to be our guide, and that Jesus (not the Scriptures) are our mediator between us and God. Again, He can use them any way He chooses, and sometimes, He DOES choose to speak through them, but we must always remember, they are HIS, not HIM.

  6. Eli says:

    propositional? some yes, most not (narrative, poetry, prophecy etc is not written that way)
    objective? some yes, most not (its a deeply personal collection of books, with the authors beliefs, personality and style evident on every page)
    self-evident? some yes, most not (um as evidenced by how many people do not believe, variety of interpretations within Christendom.)

    Amuses me whenever someone talks about how X is plainly taught in scripture when they clearly have a very controversial topic in mind. Everyone they disagree with must then either be intentionally deceiving themselves or lack the spirit of god to rightly interpret.

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