The Hypocrite I'm Standing Next To Is Me.

huge.2.13383Yes, I tend to judge others more severely than myself.  My reactions are less knee-jerk and more jerk.  My hypocrisy is not so easily swept aside by my rehearsed mantra, “I’m not perfect, and I have problems, sins, and short-comings just like everyone else.”  I’m much more apt to grant myself leniency than my neighbor whom I should love as myself.  Self inflation or flattering provides me with certain securities, motivations, and even rewards.  For in my pretense, at times, sometimes lies my power. When someone calls me on my hypocrisy, I flare up and lash out to defend and protect rather than receive faithful wounds of a friend.  So, call me on it.  Bring it into the light.  Then love me like a neighbor or even an enemy, like you love yourself.  Or maybe, just for the moment, the hypocrite I’m standing next to won’t be me.   

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