I Never Saw The Gospel In Action ~ Will Never Be A Valid Excuse.

Jesus read from the scroll of Isaiah Luke 4:17Once the truth of the Gospel is heard, assuming it is correct and complete, it’s up to the receiver to accept or reject it.  When standing before God, one will never be able to say that they didn’t receive the truth of the message because the people who preaching it were hypocrites or because their lives were in direct opposition to what they proclaimed.  Nor will anyone ever be able to justify not receiving the truth of the Gospel message because it wasn’t accompanied by demonstrations of power or signs and wonders.  Ultimately, the rejection of the truth of the message of the gospel results in the rejection of the message giver who is Christ.  To reject the propositional nature of the gospel message is to reject the divine nature of the proposer.


A Few Questions:

1.  Is the above paragraph true?

2.  Can the actions or Christians lend credence to or detract from the message of the gospel?  If so, how? 

3.  Does it really matter how one feels about the gospel message? 

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  1. Question 1: I do not think that the above paragraph is true. For IF the Gospel is true and people have accepted it it will show in their lives. James is clear on this. IF those who tell you the Gospel show no signs of its truth then there is no reason for you to accept it.

    Question 2: Absolutely! When we tell people that God is love, that the Gospel is about love then go on to hate others we make a mockery out of our spoken message by our actions. When there is a conflict between what we say and what we do observers will always rely on what we do for what is true to us.

    Let’s turn this around for a second. Let’s say I have a message of hate, but go about doing good for people, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, housing the homeless, giving comfort to those in prison and hospitals. Let’s say that I stand-up for oppressed people, fighting for their cause, for their inclusion and equality. Are you going to believe that I believe my message of hate? Let’s say that you accuse me of being a hypocrite and I respond that my seemingly loving actions are really hate, I do these things because I really hate these people. No matter how passionately I speak it, you are not likely to believe me in light of my actions, actions of love. Even when I tell you that you really don’t understand hate, that you have a common, but false understanding of hate. You will not believe me, will not accept my message of hate.

    Yet, isn’t this what many very vocal Christians ask of people? They preach love and acceptance yet their actions are not loving at all, then they tell them that they do not understand love, that God’s love is something other.. Can we really blame people when the reject the message spoken in light of the true message of the action? Will God? Not the one I believe in, not the God spoken of in the biblical texts. Not the God John tells us IS love.

    Question 3: I think it does matter, and matters very much. If we don’t like the Gospel message of love then it isn’t going to fill our lives and being. The Holy Spirit won’t be able to move us in love.

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