What Does God Want The Church To Do Now, and How Do You Know?

now-what-logo-largeAssuming the Church is evolving, and that it is growing to become in every respect the mature body of Christ (Ephesians 4:15), then shouldn’t the mission of the church be evolving too?  Prophetic types are constantly contemporizing, contextualizing, and calling the Church to “act its age.”  

If it’s true that the mission of the church evolves, matures, or changes over time, then how is she to know what those changes are?  

At this point some may object and say that “God never changes,” (Malachi 3:6) and therefore the church and mission do not change. But, the myriad of voices coming from within the church seem to suggest the contrary.


“Is the mission of the church to be reclaimed from the past?”  I think the question is flawed.  It might be better to ask, “Is the church of the mission to be reclaimed form the past.” If it’s the latter, then “pressing on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of her,” (Philippians 3:12) seems a more natural trajectory.  The current state of the church is defined within the context of its ever maturing mission. 

If the church doesn’t evolve, mature, or change, then the question is moot.

If it does, then how do we know what God wants her to do now?

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  1. Marshall says:

    the body metaphor, body of Christ, strongly suggests that the ekklesia (church) does not evolve, though she does adapt within need. She’s is the same Bride at any age.

  2. David Woods says:

    How do you know? Listen.

    Mission involves people of various ages and maturity levels (in Christ) evangelizing others. So you end up with a hodgepodge of people including 50 somethings just coming to Christ as baby Christians, twenty somethings who’ve been in the body for years, and 5 and 6 year olds learning about David and Goliath in Sunday School, among many other various groups.

    I believe the focus of the question is flawed. Looking at the universal church as a whole, and coming to one set conclusion about what “it” should be doing seems to ignore the needs of the individual. The body of Christ needs (for example) both a Sunday School room for children to feel safe in, AND a place for child molesters to go to find Christ, and start coming to repentance for their sins. Both a place for singles to mingle, and couples to gather with others of like mind for exhortation and support.

    Certain “churches” (not yours, don’t take me wrong) need to get over themselves and be more accepting, while others need to get their act together, and start teaching some real gospel, and quit just tickling ears.

    Bottom line, each individual person, small group, or gathering (church) needs to evolve into what God wants them to be next, and to spend time seeking God for what that might be, while maintaining a willingness to change in order to conform to what HE wants them to be next. This is how the church SHOULD evolve. Into being more and more Christlike each day, and closer and closer to what God wants from them each day.

    Just quit worrying about what the “universal church” should look like in “it’s” perfection. If God had wanted the NT church to be any “certain way” He would have set forth that “way” clearly in Scripture the way He did with the OT church. Instead, He said upon this rock He would BUILD His church. It’s apparently still being built, because He hasn’t come for her yet. I say just allow Him to “build” us, as individuals and as small groups or “churches”, into what He wants us each to be, by maintaining an attitude of:

    “God, what do you want me to change next in order to be more like you?”

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