Is Your Church Facilitating Assault On People And Calling it 'Evangelism?'

assaultIn his book, Psychology for Successful Evangelism, James H. Jauncey once said;

 “Just button­holing a stranger, witnessing to him and pressing for a decision will likely do more harm than good. Most responsible people react negatively and often quite violently to this kind of assault. It shows a fundamental lack of respect for human dignity and personality.” 

Is he right? 

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  1. Tim Baker says:

    I do very much agree with this thought. I had a friend who was an evangelist and moved to town to plant a Church. He wanted me to help. Every time we went out he would approach many strangers, ask a few key guided questions, and throw the Gospel at them. He had little to no success and pissed a lot of people off. I took it upon myself to be fire control, and buddy up to those he burned. I will say in his defense he was not always unsuccessful. His motto was that of a salesman “Some Say Yes, Some Say No, So What! Somewhere someone will say yes, so stop crying and start asking!”. He could care less about the 99 that said bug off, but he lived for the one who said yes. We ended up parting ways for this and many other reasons.

    I have always found it easier to befriend others, get to know them, show them why I am who I am, and let the rest sort itself out. I am bold when I need to be and quiet when I need to be, and often mess both of those times up!

  2. David Woods says:

    Nice quote from a guy who wrote a book called “Psychology for Successful Evangelism”. Think about it.

    I’d take the advise of a long-time missionary like you, Miguel, before I would a psych doctor. I would think you’d be 100 times the expert he would be on the subject.

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