9 Reasons Why The Bible Isn't Supposed To Be Easy

bibletug1.  The scriptures have been peppered with obscurities and wonderful intricacies so that we would remain in constant prayer, interpretation and discovery with its Author.

2.  God designed the scriptures to excite our diligence in reading them, meditating on them, searching through them, and comparing them with one another. The scriptures, rightfully approached keeps us from being lazy and negligent.

3.  The scriptures were constituted in such a way as to prevent our losing interest in them. We are a people who grow weary of easy things. God infused the texts with an infiniteness of difficulties to keep us from being bored and dismissive.

4.  God willed that we should labor intensively to lay hold of these sublime and heavenly truths so that we would esteem them accordingly. Though for a time we might enjoy what comes easy, human nature tends to despise and have contempt for that which is effortlessly acquired, near at hand, and comes at little cost. In the end, we appreciate those things in proportion to how hard we’re willing to exert ourselves.

5.  God has architected the scriptures in such a way as to subdue our pride, arrogance, and ignorance. We are apt to think too honorably of ourselves, and to rate our genius and acuteness more highly than is fitting, and to promise ourselves too much from our science and knowledge.

6.  God has also willed that the sacred mysteries of his word should be opened freely to pure and holy minds and not exposed to dogs and pigs. There will therefore be things which are easy to holy persons and profane parables to others. The jewels and mysteries of scripture are of great value, beautiful and excellent, to those that know them and despised and rejected as worthless objects by those that refuse to.

7.  God has formed the scriptures in such a way as to call off our minds from the pursuit of external things and our daily distractions, and transfer them to the consideration of the scriptures. It is essential to give time to their perusal and study; which is something we certainly would not do, if we found every thing in it plain and open.

8.  God has conceived the scriptures in such a way as to renew our thoughts and feelings.

9.  God has willed that in the church that there should be some as teachers, evangelists, apostles, evangelists, and pastors to equip, mature, and transform the body via the communication and demonstration of His word.

* These 9 reasons have been adapted from “Disputations on Holy Scripture” by William Whitaker.  Whitaker lived from 1548 to 1595.

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