To Hell With Integrity?

whomeToday’s Guest Blog Post by: Claudia Labrador

I am not a famous blogger.  In fact, I am nobody, really.  But I have a bone to pick with famous bloggers who make their living being controversial at the expense of hurting others, and then making light of it by hiding behind all of the comments from friends and followers who support that kind of rude, crude behavior, because…well, after all, it’s SO AND SO, and they have a good heart, and they are famous!  These bloggers write about injustices while casually spouting injustices without recognizing the irony in their own actions through words, yet cry “mean” and “unfair” when anyone stands to reject and admonish the behavior.

My rant about this isn’t a plank calling out someone else’s speck in the eye.  It’s a call to integrity that is shrinking in the world of Christian bloggers and people who make their living by selling books and conference appearances to speak on things like biblical justice while making casual, hurtful remarks whenever the mood strikes; a call to “put your mouth where the money is” and practice what you preach!  After all, you earn by preaching it, no?  But the reality we are faced with is a conundrum.  A popular blogger doesn’t have to be careful or considerate anymore, because what’s losing a few fans when I have thousands!?  

Maybe it’s a bad day.  The kids are screaming.  The phone won’t stop ringing.  The remodel is a mess and taking longer than expected…and it’s the stressful Christmas Season after all!  I can find an excuse for bad behavior anytime I want by simply stating I am a “work in progress”, right?  Isn’t that the spiel that most Christians give to excuse themselves?  Most certainly we are all human, and we make mistakes.  But is it really a mistake to carelessly toss a descriptor like “White Trash” around, for any reason, if after all my primary ministry focus and means of financial gain is that in the realm of speaking and writing on biblical justice?  Or is it just in poor taste?  Callous, even?

What motivates us to do the right thing if the cheering is louder for when we spike the controversy?  Controversy sells!  If Christian bloggers can make money at the expense of making fun of others, then biblical justice can soon become a comfortable afterthought.  Integrity can go to Hell! 

0 thoughts on “To Hell With Integrity?

  1. gibby says:

    Props, Claudia.

  2. Morgan Bush says:

    Way to go, Claudia! Bring the heat!

  3. Lindy Combs says:

    I loved this! Well said with skillful use of language.

  4. Kirk Stephens says:

    I have observed and am occasionally guilty myself of such behavior. There are problems in the IC, the hypergrace movement, discipleship programs, universalists, etc. We sound like a bunch whiners like the nation Israel in the wilderness? How many of them made it to the promised land? Two, and their families. I see finger pointing that would embarass Adam. Isn’t that what Adam was guilty of?Jesus our Lord called him a liar and deceiver for blaming his wife. How can unity be established and the fullness of the kingdom of heaven be realized and the power of the Holy Spirit totally manifested with the blame game interfering? It doesn’t look good in government either. What appears to be a seven billion member dysfunctional family? This is oneness? Absolute love? One faith? One body? No wonder people starve and are naked? Not nearly as naked and poor as those who really are. No wonder in Revelation the Lord says He wants to vomit. Claudia is right. I am sometimes embarrassed by my own lack of self control. But I do put my money where my mouth is. Living day to day in a rented trailer with no clue how my bills will get paid. But if there are hungry orphans and widows, they come first. Homeless people, addicts, criminals, it doesn’t matter. My wife chews me out regularly, but the bills get paid, and we don’t suffer. In four months, with seventeen hundred FB friend only one person has stepped forward to help. I push hard for these kids. I’ve had the time, being unemployed for six months while my knee healed. Sometimes the hypocracy is in pointing out the hypocracy? Sure Paul and the apostles did it. Jesus did it. They were far from crude and rude. Miguel is good at it, by putting it in question form

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