2 Statements On Church Unity – Which One Is Better?


 Which of these 2 statement regarding the unity of the Church is better?  Why?



1.  “The Church unites in order to advance the gospel and God’s mission.”


2.  “God’s mission and the advancement of the gospel unites the Church.”

Don’t cop out by stating it’s a “both & and” thing.  Take a stance. 😛

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  1. Greg says:

    It neither.
    Unity is the natural, non sentient result of loving one another,as Christ loves us, which we do daily in obedience to His Word and as led by His Spirit.
    Its not a position or mission we undertake.
    Disobedience in the ‘little foxes’ by all of us,caused us to fall from a church that was maturing in grace, love and unity, to the present, and long standing circus we know as church.
    God unites us practically, as He has positionaly, in spite of our best (and worst) efforts, not because of them, when we quit trying to help Him make us into the image of Christ, and simply do what He says.
    Unity is not an attribute of the gospel and kingdom, apart from any other attribute, such as holiness, sanctification etc, notwithstanding well meaning humanist Christians best efforts to co-opt and repackage the life of God into a practicable theory for human consumption.
    Only when we all deliberately drop all the theatre props, titles and class distinctions we’ve defined ourselves by for many centuries, will God unite us. He’s a father, who will not favor one child over another, and He will wait till hell freezes over before He’ll let some of his kids move into unity and love (the promised land?) without the rest of us.
    All or nothing, and so far, its nothing.
    Maybe the next generation, or the next, or the next….
    Is that stance enough?

  2. David Woods says:

    Local church-1
    “Universal church”-2
    Not both-and, just one for each. 🙂

    On an individual basis, it’s a choice to be united with Christian bros. and sisters.

  3. gavin says:

    2 – if we have to unite first we may never get to the mission. Most “missionaries” in other countries seem much more united than we do here. I have a feeling it’s because of God has given them a burden for His mission.

  4. gavin says:

    …here in the USA (to be clear)

  5. Joel says:

    I would agree with Greg on this. It’s neither.
    Being united with our brothers and sisters is not so much a precondition to doing mission or a result of doing mission as it is one of the core elements of being a united with God. The same way that being on mission is an element of submitting to Christ.

  6. amy says:

    I’d say both are not Truth, so I’d say it doesn’t it matter which is better.
    1. the Church doesn’t unite. Christ unites the Church. but is the Church united by Christ in order to advance the Gospel (to reach all the dark corners of the world in every generation with the Life & Light of Jesus) and to advance God’s mission (which is to redeem “man” to Himself through Jesus)? “in order” sounds like He needs us. Christ doesn’t need any of us to advance anything. we are all utterly dependent on Him, but He lets us participate and He calls us to shine His Light, to depend on Him (His Life in us vs fleshly resources), to have relationship with him, and intimately watch His awesomeness in our lives and others.

    2. the Life of Jesus in “man” is what unites the Church. each person who has received Jesus, has the Life of Jesus full and complete in his/her spirit (the old man is gone, however the pull of the flesh remains). That New Life, Jesus brings on the adoption of each receiver into the Body, the Church, as a son or daughter of God.

    that’s my 2 cents. bless you, Labrador. found you by way of gibby.
    because of Him,

  7. Tim says:

    Thoughts similar to Greg but offered differently.
    God has made all believers into one body. We cannot improve or increase this unity.
    So why the disunity.
    1. We are born sinners- rejectors of God’s design and work. We are saved sinners with lingering rebellion desires and gullible to deceptions from the evil one, perpetuators of comfort zones and being people pleasers.
    2. We must throw off the things that hinder and the sin that so easily entangle
    We take on bogus substitutes for unity – like uniformity – externalized posturing of unity but retain many strains of internal disunity and rejection.
    3. We can now run the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author…. You can’t run until you throw off.

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