Are Christians Supposed to 'Stand Up For What They Believe?'

man-on-stiltsThis one was inspired by my nephew who engaged on a difficult question on my Facebook page.  He said, “I am standing up for what I believe I because that is what we are called to do!”  

It’s a phrase that I’ve heard hundreds of times in a multitude contexts, but when my nephew typed it yesterday, it struck me as odd.  So, are Christians supposed to “Stand up” for what they believe?

What does it mean to “stand up” for what you believe?

What shouldn’t it mean? 

What biblical support is there for this line of thinking? 

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  1. Greg says:

    Great question and one I wrestled with in my early walk, trying to tame my inner lion, and find an approach to social issues that pleased the Lord, and satisfied my social conscience.
    Lucky ( a God-incident ) for me, I stumbled across Watchman Nee’s books right from the 1st week I was converted, and specifically his monumentally under appreciated ‘Sit, Walk, Stand’
    His simple explanation of the normal mile stones and way markers that generally identify a healthy and vibrant life journey with God, grounded my mind in scripture and my heart in love with Gods wisdom.
    In short, accompanied with living in some form of healthy, balanced Christian community, our ‘stand” will be determined by our walk, which is determined by where we sit.
    And sitting is, as Nee describes it, the place of resting in God that He proscribed as the starting point for all born again believers. If we learn early in our walk with Christ to envision our individual and corporate lives together as seated in heavenly places together in Him, we will walk out our varied daily lives from a calm inner peace and trust. Our disposition of inner sitting is the basis of trusting that all that happens in our daily lives, even down to tiny things like deciding which restaurant to eat at or who to call when we want to tell a friend some good or bad news, is led by God, and used to His glory.
    Translated into taking a stand on something, I think that means we will hear a voice behind us saying “this is they way, walk in it” or maybe we will hear nothing, in which case we prob shouldn’t walk anywhere without 1st knowing His will.
    Whatever is not faith is sin, and many of us in today’s idolatrous and narcissistic cultures have followed cunningly devised fables of every kind, most which were crafted and forced upon Gods people by men who should be leading us to trust God but instead divert out eyes to themselves.
    Many believers have wasted the best years of their lives figuring this out too late or even made shipwreck of their faith, and all too often because they stood before they sat.

  2. Marshall says:

    concurring with Greg & Watchman, and-also to wonder if “stand up for” has often become a step down from, “having done/effected all, to stand: be standing, then…” of the Ephesians 6 admonition.

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