A Podcast About Church From The Cloud Forest Of Ecuador

1525533_10152201836380087_1880591872_nIt’s raw and unrehearsed, but this podcast takes an audio snapshot of the mission, culture, and church here in Ecuador.  It’s not too long, and you can listen to it here. 

We answer the question, “Why isn’t the Disciple Making that’s happening where you are, happening where we are?” and others in this podcast.  Pay attention to what Claudia says at the end about “Family on Mission.”

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  1. Marshall says:

    excellent dialogue/interview. (listening on 2 different days)

    good to hear that the “organic” aspect unfolded more-or-less unintentionally since 2006.

    excellent check on “what gospel are you presenting?”

    also, your report of not lingering long with those who do not seem to be being drawn (“interested”) to Christ.

    encouraged that you are together about picking up people in one community to take with you to another community. Have been hearing and doing more of this here in the States (and western world). What seems like a small thing — so blessed by the Spirit of God.

    although you used the label, “seminary”… as described, it really doesn’t sound much like a traditional seminary there, Miguel. {grin} We may wonder for why you may find “certification” significant.(?) Is the confirmation by God not sufficient among His own? Would the early apostles/missionaries have sought a man’s certificate for disciples/students?

    “pack up the family. take your meal on the run…” excellent reminder, Claudia. So we are reminding one another here. This is not an American traditional family model. {grin}

    God helps to lead and guide, overcoming that “little bit on tension” in each heart. as when a “missionary” visits the place from where they had been sent ‘overseas’, we anticipate that each one will function on a near field as well as on a distant field… there truly is only one ‘field’ and One Husbandman/Farmer/Owner of that field, and as His servants labor together side-by-side.

    Miguel, as you report being “highly mobile”, that “3% attrition rate” will remain unverified until you & Claudia have been away for a time (at least a few years?) even as Paul of Tarsus (and others) was being led forward by the Spirit. To proof of the work of God, we need be willing to go further into another place distant from the present work. There is a double-blessing in doing so (despite some tears of departure): I have no words to describe my joy when hearing from ekklesia in a place we have labored, of the flower in their maturity and boldness and how they have been overcoming by the blood of the Lamb… but first, I had to be willing to go, and be letting go, entrusting them together ever fully into the Hands of our great King. I also needed to be prepared by God for possible “news of trouble”, such as Paul had received from Chloe’s people.

    It’s truly a blessing to be knowing of both ‘transitional’ and ‘simple’ evangel labors of Love in Christ, far & near!

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