Hope For A Demon Possessed Boy In The Cloud Forest

breaking-chainsIn our Discipleship Group last night we spent a lot of time ‘debriefing’ the past month’s mission work in the region.  One of the Pastors shared this story:

The phone rings early in the morning, but he doesn’t answer. It rings again and again, he still doesn’t answer. Then came a knock at the door. Begrudgingly he makes his way to the door to find a leader from the church he pastors. “Pastor,” he says… “We’ve got a problem in one of the communities we’re working in.” “I need you to come with me.” The Pastor gets dressed and they get into a pickup truck to drive about 25 minutes away. Heading down the cloud covered dirt road the pastors asks what the problem is. The leader explains that a young boy has been acting crazy all night, hitting people, and causing a disturbance.

The two arrive on the scene and after a funny little debate about who was going to go into the house first, the pastor entered with just a little fear. He said, “It was the biggest mess he’s ever seen in any house in all the communities he works in. The boy still agitated and without any self-control was screaming and jumping about the house. The family and neighbors had been, for 9 hours trying to calm him down with no success. The pastor looks around, approaches the boy, puts a hand on his head and says;

“Father, shows these people you exist, demonstrate your power.”

All went quiet…

People standing outside were astonished. What they had tried to do for 9 hours was done in less than 3 minutes.

The people were wondered how the pastor got the young man to calm down. “How did you do that?” they asked. Stepping out of the house with the young boy, the pastor began to share the good news of Jesus with them.

The family was from Columbia, and at some time in the night called the boy’s uncle from Colombia to come and try to calm him down. The uncle arrived just as the gospel was being shared with the family and their neighbors. When the uncle heard these words and saw the young boy, the family, and the neighborhood at peace, he asked “What are these words you are speaking?” “I have never heard anything like them before.” The boys uncle, over 60, was hearing the gospel for the first time in his life.

I don’t know if it was demons, bad moonshine, drugs, mental illness, or other causes, but what happened was an answer to a quick quiet prayer.  Never the less, there is so much in this story that captured my attention. I’ll share some of that in a while.

What captured your attention in this story?

0 thoughts on “Hope For A Demon Possessed Boy In The Cloud Forest

  1. Mark Guinn says:

    This is super encouraging and interesting. Thanks for sharing it Miguel.

  2. David Woods says:

    I like the fact that it didn’t matter what it was. You don’t have to know what’s wrong, and research what to do about it, and call the demon by name, or command healing for mental illness, or whatever.

    You don’t have to know the demon, you just have to know the Father.

  3. Andy says:

    Thank you for sharing, what a testimony of faith. A real encouragement in a time when it is needed most. Might we all step out in faith, acting as a true disciple anointed with the power and presence of God. His Word must be near at all times, that we may call upon it in the name above all names, Jesus! Blessings to you brother, carry on!

  4. Simple trust in the power of God to act for his own glory and the joy of those present.
    We don’t need training in such situations or even a plan. We simply go in the power of the Name and do what seems to be our prayerful best and leave the results to God.

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