Mission/Ministry 'Inside' The Church & 'Outside' Of It

10706549_10152772075980087_1075945135_nI know that discussions about being ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ of the church are theologically problematic at best.  Like the Apostle Paul addressing “Apphia and Archippus and “the church that meets in their home.”  The church (the people of God) locate themselves spatially (congregate) for a time in a place. Let’s put aside that debate for the purposes of this blog post.

From your perspective, what mission/ministry/service happens inside of church and what mission/ministry/service happens outside of it. Use the comment section to list 3-5 things for each, or give other commentaries.

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  1. Bethany says:

    I can’t think of any mission/ministry/service that happens inside the church that does not, cannot, or should not also happen outside the church. Even if said is expected to happen inside the church, this is because of tradition and not necessarily the way it should be. The church is meant to be only what is already happening in everyday life, being confirmed when the people congregate, rather than the other way ’round – that is, the church first and personal life attempting to take off from there.

    Faith begins in the heart, is worked out in the home, and is then expressed congregationally. In Jesus’ time and in those early days of the church baptism occurred outdoors, meetings occurred outdoors, communion occurred at the supper table, healings occurred where the sick happened to be, and the dead were raised at the grave site or wherever they were. In our day, bible study should happen in the home, and then anywhere Christians happen to congregate; witnessing should happen by going out and finding hearers; worship, prayer, and praise should happen anywhere Christians happen to live, move, and breathe.

    Personally I think when it’s expected to all happen in the church it’s getting things backwards. The flow should be from our hearts where He is enthroned, and outward as Light shines outward from its Source.

  2. Norm M. says:

    I’m not sure that the lines of ministry need to be distinct. The Body shouldn’t necessarily meet only on pre-programmed occasions, but Christians should also meet, as able, outside pre-programmed gatherings. Whether gathering or apart, Christians should minister to those they come in contact with as they find opportunity.

  3. Kevin says:

    I think the question, perhaps intentionally, reflects a misunderstanding of “the Church.” Anything Christians do in the name of Jesus for His glory is done by the Church. There is no inside and outside. The people of God are the Church. On mission is the sent part of the Church’s mission. Care for the people is the pastoral part of the Church’s work. But both are Church, done by the Church, and should be being done for the glory of the Lord Jesus.
    Now perhaps what was meant was what happens when the people of God congregate in one place as opposed to when they are spread away from each other?

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