Concerning Christian Missions, Which is Better?

Pyramid - Black1When speaking on Christian Missions, Paul G. Hiebert says that “Western cultures highly value order, thus strictly protect hierarchy, are time-oriented, and seek rational explanations for problems in the world.

Other cultures emphasize relationship, thus are more flexible with schedules, know how to handle ambiguity, and are less focused on technique.”

Is one really better than the other? Or does ‘situation dictate?’




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  1. Marshall says:

    Wide consideration for what the New Testament writings reflect show how both a “Borg” requisite and the inter-relational focus are estranged from the Kingdom of God, falling short of ideal.

    as to example: no genuine ambiguity in Christ; leading thru serving; order arranged in the Spirit as unconforming to pre-plan; schedule as emerging from, rather than for; technique/methodology displaced by what is needful, relationship as outcome rather than as means or basis; all rational thought bowed in submission to Christ, etc.

  2. kevin says:

    I don’t know if we should say one is necessarily better than the other. What I think is more important is to keep in mind is that those different cultures and those different worldviews do exist. Thus we must be sensitive when we interact with a culture not of our own and try not to impose are ways them assuming that they’re better.

  3. rtrube54 says:

    I think the way this is framed, one would prefer the latter alternative. But it seems that this frames Western values in the worst terms, the other cultures more positively. Like Kevin, I would focus more on being aware of what the culture I’m in values as well as my own cultural values where they clash

  4. Bethany says:

    Relationship is God’s way. Hierarchy has to fit within relationship, not swallow it up. (i.e. shepherd feeds flock, washes feet; wolf bites, devours, feeds himself) Order also is a good thing but only when done within relationship. In worldly context order and hierarchy have no life in them, and the church needs to be rid of worldliness.

    Forcing the western way on other cultures is promoting culture and preferences rather than the Faith. Each culture should give a little, but ultimately the Bible is not based on any culture, nor excludes any.

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