3 Questions about Evangelization without Manipulation


What will it take  for evangelicals to dispense with the sort of evangelism that seeks to ‘convert’ others through manipulation, fear, malice, threat, or cleverly camouflaged forms of bribery?

What will it take to stop promoting ‘christian’ religion by means, methods, and motives that are contrary to the Spirit of the Gospel?

What will it take to stop using the spurious and superstitious Sinner’s Prayer?


Take a moment to answer one or all of these questions by using the comment section below. 




0 thoughts on “3 Questions about Evangelization without Manipulation

  1. Marshall says:

    what they need do is follow Christ and-so-to be renewed in Him. Then they will be qualified in His Love, and filled with His wisdom and the knowledge of Him.

  2. David Woods says:

    All it will take is a true relationship with our heavenly Father. A true trust in a supernatural creator includes trusting Him with others and their lives. Manipulation in evangelization only goes to show a lack of trust in God to deal rightly with that person. It also shows a corporate, business attitude towards a relationship, which is one of the worst kinds of wrong. Like those that treat their children the same way they do their employees, or their wives the same way they do their business partners. If you expect your wife to take care of “her half” of the responsibilities, for example, the way you would your business partner, than what suffers is the relationship. True relationship doesn’t come from a business attitude, and true evangelism doesn’t come from logging how many people you brought to Christ. That’s a resume, not a relationship.

  3. Jonathan says:

    It will take the passing of the last of generation that earnestly believes that these tools are effective.

    We need to take a practical position on this. If a method is ineffective but a core part of an institution (especially one unconcerned with market forces), it will remain in use until the institution dissolves or is dramatically changed.

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