The 5-Failed Ministry #APEST

5failed“And men gave the extra-biblical 5-fold ‘ministry’ of theologians, philosophers, seminarians, professors and academics, to paralyze and burden both saint and sinner’s alike; for the work of religion, to the perpetuation of infancy in the body of Christ; until as many attain to the disunity of schism and the knowledge of speculation, to an enduring immaturity in themselves.”

Adapted from my Facebook friend Marshall Diakon

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  1. Greg says:

    As generations pass by, eventually universal infancy is reached, and everyone has their allotted place on the hampster wheel of religious tradition. The prophets can cry till theyre blue in the face, for a return to the living God, but to little avail. The judgement of apathy is at work like yeast, until all are rendered fat and resistant to effort, and the enemy devours who he will. While we are capable of panic and even a last ditch repentance, we maintain protocol and politeness, as our leaders preach peace and blessing, but we have left God for idols.
    Like Sampson, who didnt know the Spirit of God had left him until he was blind and captive, we bring judgement on ourselves and our children.

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