Unity in Diversity – Global Perspectives On a Simpler Church

SimpleChurchFrontCoverThere’s a new book ready for publication, pre-orders are now being accepted by Redeeming Press and Amazon in Paperback and Kindle versions.  It’s called Simple Church: Unity Within Diversity.

I am excited about this book because I know many of the authors who have contributed AND because ‘many authors have contributed.‘  Additionally, these authors represent practitioners from very different contexts across the globe to include England, Canada, Australia, The United States, Ecuador, and more…

In the beginning, one of the titles being considered for this book was ‘What We’re For,‘ which really captured the attitude of it’s contributors.  This book was not written to critique all that’s wrong with the church, but to establish a common unity for the work of the church in the world and how that unity can be expressed in diverse ways.SimpleChurchBackCover

My chapter’s title is:  “A Church That Lets Nothing Hinder the Taking of the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth and Works With All Christians Everywhere to Make This Happen”

Here’s a quote:

The Apostle Paul had deeply intimate relationships with many across a wide geographical area. That intimacy came from a bond that was birthed in the “joining in” of the work of God in the world. It was the advancement of the Gospel, the making of disciples, and the engagement of mission that united them and fostered participation in it. It was “participating” in the Gospel that empowered them to live it.

I hope that you’ll consider reading it and joining in on the conversation that I know this book will generate.  If you’d like to connect, you can find me on Twitter at @Missionaries, or on Facebook at Facebook.com/Missional.

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