When it Comes to Church, We're for these 26 Things…

Simple Church 300x3001. A Church That Honors the Triune God
2. A Church That Cherishes Jesus Christ Above All
3. A Church That Follows the Lead of the Holy Spirit
4. A Church That Clings to Scriptural Truth
5. A Church That Holds Theological Convictions With Humility
6. A Church That is Most Notable for Its Love
7. A Church That Forgives
8. A Church That Is Composed of Peacemakers
9. A Church That Accepts Suffering as Part of Life
10. A Church That Exhibits Personal Holiness
11. A Church That Is United In Christ
12. A Church That Recognizes Equal Laity With Christ As the Only Head
13. A Church That Counts Every Member as Key
14. A Church That Views Itself as a People
15. A Church That Assembles for Mutual Edification
16. A Church That Knows Leaders Are Servants
17. A Church That Gives Liberally and Generously
18. A Church That Gives Everything Away
19. A Church That Sacrificially Cares for the Needy
20. A Church That Dies For Others
21. A Church That Seeks Justice
22. A Church That Restores Dignity
23. A Church That Knows Eternal Life is Free
24. A Church That Sees Every Christian as Family
25. A Church That Proclaims the Gospel Clearly
26. A Church That Takes the Gospel to the World

Who is “we?”  The authors of this new book, Simple Church: Unity Within Diversity available for Kindle and in paperback right now.  Does this list sound lofty?  I hope not.  Here’s what some others had to say about it;

“This is a book of practical theology and ecclesiology, coming out of real-life experiences.” ~ Kathleen Ward

“One thing that is clear from reading this book is the passion that the authors share for seeing the body of Christ flourish wherever, and in whatever form it is found.” ~ Edwin Aldrich

“What I personally like about this compilation is its contrast with many other writings out there which tend to place an emphasis on “what’s wrong with today’s church.” Simple Church: Unity Within Diversity is a positive attempt to share “what is right” about simple church.” ~ Guy Muse


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  1. Rob Kampen says:

    A Church That Accepts Suffering as Part of Life – I struggle with the word “accepts”, to me that implies a giving in to, surrendering. Rather for me, the words “acknowledges” or “recognises” are closer to the truth. Acceptance implies one does not need to do anything about it, simply accept; whereas I believe we need to take action to aleviate suffering and go after those that wantonly cause suffering in others.
    just my thoughts.
    All simple concepts, easily understood AND needing of His grace and power working in us to live out.

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