Evangelism is more than a set of propositional statements. But, what more?

iStock_000015780358_ExtraSmall“Too often the gospel message is presented as a set of propositional statements. While this is true, it is not enough—and it can be misleading.” ~ Bryant L. Myers

“Evangelism is good news about a person, not just a set of propositions. The gospel invitation is to a relationship, not just intellectual assent or agreement to a set of ideas. In this sense, the gospel is not against other religions; it is simply true.” ~ Tim Dearborn

William Abraham says that; “Evangelism is not simply speaking about something that we believe or that we feel compelled to share. Evangelism is announcing something that has happened in the world about which everyone has a right to know.”

and further…

“What makes proclamation evangelism is not the proclamation per se, but the message being proclaimed: the coming rule of God…. Without this announcement, people will not know about its arrival, nor will they have a clear view of what it means for the kingdom of God to come now in the present or in the future.”

Walter Brueggemann, the Presbyterian Old Testament scholar, defines evangelism as an invitation to choose a new story, employing the biblical story as the “definitional story of our life, and thereby authorizing people to give up, abandon and renounce other stories that have shaped their lives in false and distorting ways”

With these and others it’s clear that evangelism is more than a set of propositional statements.  But, what more?

0 thoughts on “Evangelism is more than a set of propositional statements. But, what more?

  1. Jim Wright says:

    To say it is “more than” is true. To then claim it does not also “include them” is false.

    But then again, that’s both part of the story and also a propositional statement – and thus, unfortunately, too easily dismissed by some.

  2. diakon2 says:

    as prefaced from Matthew 28:18, Jesus the Anointed/Christ successfully carried out a coup d’état beyond scale of anything humanity would envision. He not only proposed the need for such a takeover, but also carried it through as a means to secure into the next era what truly belongs to His Father. More than edict, narative or reforms, He has destroyed the aimes of the prince of this present world. There would not be a man alive for which His acts and grace fail to bear heavily upon.

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