7 Types of Evangelism to Avoid, and 7 to Embrace


4ofusTypes of Evangelism to Avoid

1.  NeedVangelism – Identifying a people or culture’s need and exploiting it so that you can evangelize. 

2.  Evandelism – Spraying your version of gospel graffiti, breaking things, disregarding community 

3.  CannyVangelism – Tricky, manipulative, bait and switch tactics to trap others into listening to you. 

4.  ClingyVangelism – Hanging around past your welcome waiting for them to “make a decision” for Christ.

5.  ClergyVangelsim – Suggesting, or acting like, the only way to God is through you.

6.  JerkyVangelism – Self explanatory

7.  LazyVangelism – Incomplete, hurried, rote, or insufficient gospel presenting.


 Types of Evangelism to Embrace: 


1.  KneeVangelism – Soaking our desire to share the Gospel and the people that might hear it in prayer.

2.  Revangelism – Not giving up for un-receptiveness, maintaining love, persistence, and patience.

3.  MeeklyVangelism – Put down the bull horn, and remember, “blessed are the meek.”  

4.  PartyVangelism – Fellowship, eating, and celebrating, time spent with others.  Jesus attended a few.

5.  SaltyVangelism – Preserving and sometimes painful, but done in love.

6.  StretchyVangelismPliable, adjustable, “all things to all people, that you may win some.”

7.  WittyVangelism – Ready to give a defense of  THE HOPE within.  Be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

What would you add to either group?



0 thoughts on “7 Types of Evangelism to Avoid, and 7 to Embrace

  1. Miguel says:

    Adding one to avoid: Wedgievangelism ~ Leaving people feeling like they’ve just gotten a gospel wedgie.

  2. Kirk Stephens says:

    I personally like your kneevangelism. Have you ever noticed the beauty of the language in Genesis. How men greeted each other as lord, or I pray the Lord, bless thee. Communicating with another through prayer, with the Lord, in the middle, means you select your words carefully, truthfully, in humility, with the other persons and the Lord’s interests foremost. A great way to solve problems in the church hierarchy. Got a problem with a leader? Ask them to pray with you, and then cast your cares upon the Lord. Nobody can get defensive, resentful, because God is there in the middle, where He is supposed to be. I pray thee the grace, to allow, me to say this might be considered deceptive, but is it?

  3. Miguel, can you fill out a bit more about what you feel are the negatives of meeting needs. Is your keyword here ‘exploitation’? Are you unhappy with needs-based ministry as a starting point?



    • Miguel says:


      Thanks for the question. No, I am not “unhappy” with a needs based ministry as a starting point. What I get unhappy about is finding people who are hungry and making them listen to a gospel message before feeding them.

      In my years on the mission field, I’ve seen this scenario played out in various ways. I will give you a few more examples soon. I wanted to reply to this now to let you know.

  4. Jody Hooven says:

    This is excellent! Thank you for helping to ‘right the ship’ of poorly executed evangelism.

  5. Ricky Parker says:

    Power evangelism: This anywhere anytime asking people if they have a need and can I pray for you.

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