God Will Judge America if ‘THAT’ Candidate Wins the Election.

liberty-lightning“God will not hold us guiltless [if THAT Candidate is elected],”

“God will judge America for failing to support ‘THAT’ candidate who will “get us back to the biblical values that founded our nation, a nation that was founded for God.”

“God is using ‘THAT’ candidate to prepare America for Christ’s return.”

If we don’t elect ‘THAT’ candidate, God will punish America.”

Yes, these are all real quotes from influential Christian personalities. I suppose you can figure out which candidates are which in these quotes, but I will not be mentioning any names.  Let me say right off the bat, I believe there is a lot of arrogance in these sorts of quotes. As if the right person in the oval office can correct a nation’s moral compass when less than 3% of believers in that nation said they are actively ‘discipling the nations.’ (Matthew 28:18-20)

While I strongly believe that believers ought to be salt & light in the political process, I also believe that America’s Christians have been sold a bill of goods. In the spiritual realm there’s only the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of his God’s dear Son. ‘Battle Ground States’ are not located geographically, but spiritually. (Colossians 1:13)

If you’re reading this and you believe God will judge or punish America if ‘THAT’ candidate wins, then I ask;

“What biblical basis do you have for saying that?”


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