51 Things You Can Do To Make Mission The Priority Of Your Church – Part I

images1.  Dedicate 51% of your entire budget to Missions

2.  Dedicate 51% of your time to mission work

3.  Declassify 51% of what you call ‘ministry,’ and ask yourselves if it qualifies as the Missio Dei.

4.  Sell off 51% of your sound and media equipment used in ’worship,’ and use it to support international missions.

5.  Make Sunday School 51% less about studying the bible, and more about serving others who would never attend Sunday School.

6.  Spend 51% of your church planting and church growth planning sessions on figuring out how to better make disciples.

7.  Shrink your coffee and pastry servings by 51% and go feed some homeless people.

8.  Figure out how to shave 51% off of your new building project and instead, invest it in your local community.

9.  Shut down any ministry that requires more than half of its income to sustain itself.

10.  Cut your short-term mission budgets in half and have the same impact. (Yes, it’s entirely possible)

11.  Stop taking out newspaper ads which are only read by 3% of the population and send real letters to harvest workers all over the globe.

12.  If someone mentions a Fog Machine, ‘restore such a one with humility.’

13.  Stop sending your leadership to learn from successful Mega-Churches which practice none of these things.

14.  That ‘Discipleship’ Conference? Nix it. They rarely result in Disciples anyway. Instead, send them out 2 by2 into the real lives of others.

15.  The ‘Gospel of the Kingdom.’ Get it Straight!

16.  Tell your ‘Mother Church’ or Denominational Headquarters that instead of kicking up a percentage of your offerings to them, you’re going to send and support more missionaries from your local congregation. They’ll understand.

17.  Did I mention Make Disciples?

Parts II and III to follow shortly…

Before I get to those, What would you add to this list?

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