Explain the Gospel of the Kingdom to Me in a Way That I Totally Get… Please

“Jesus spoke about The Gospel of the Kingdom more than any ‘other’ aspect of the gospel and so should we.”

“The gospel you’re preaching isn’t Making Disciples because you’re not preaching The Gospel of the Kingdom.”

“The gospel of salvation deals only with the salvation of your soul. The Gospel of the Kingdom deals with all things the cross affected, including not only salvation but also the reconciliation of all things—including the material world that was lost in the fall.”

Jesus did say: “And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:14)

Everyone is preaching the gospel of salvation which is only mentioned once in the entire bible (Ephesians 1:13), and completely glossing over The Gospel of the Kingdom which is mentioned over 50 times.

Statements like these are said to be confusing or an overcomplification of a simple message. As I think back to my days before Christ and review in my mind the way the gospel was presented to me, I have to admit that I cannot ever recall even hearing the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Have you ever heard The Gospel of the Kingdom?

Do you know what The Gospel of the Kingdom is?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both of those, then help me out please.

Assume I know nothing about Christianity, the character and nature of God, or His plan for humanity and creation. How would you briefly relay the message of The Gospel of the Kingdom to me?

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One thought on “Explain the Gospel of the Kingdom to Me in a Way That I Totally Get… Please

  1. Marion says:

    You’ve got me thinking. Having come out of an abusive church, and in subsequent years seeing how what we call “church” is anything but what it should be, my entire view of Christianity is undergoing a huge overhaul. One of the concepts I am beginning to grasp is that Jesus never actually referred to the church much at all; he spoke of the Kingdom of God instead. So defining the Kingdom of God is key. Right now, I’m looking at it as the people of God just living as Jesus said to live, loving one another and creating relationships that will bring others to Him. The Gospel of the Kingdom then would be to proclaim that the Kingdom of God has come to earth in Jesus and in His people, a revelation that the true Church is simply God’s people being led by the Spirit, allowing Jesus to actually be the Head of His body.

    I am having a time getting a grasp of the whole concept since institutional church has been so very well ingrained in my thinking. Not long ago I began to see that the Church is indeed just the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom is here and now, not in the sweet by and by. Salvation, yes, but to what end? Only to avoid judgement? Or to be equipped to minister love to those around us? The Bible is loaded from one end to the other with exhortations to care for the poor, the widow, the fatherless, the orphan, etc, etc. Love is a command. To me, at least right now, that’s the Gospel of the Kingdom.

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