There is no ‘Gentile’ Gospel

I have been chasing after, for many years, a gospel for the gentiles, as if it was something new in the New Covenant. However, I am coming to realize that a gospel for the gentiles has always existed. In reading sections of the Torah where God makes promises to ‘the strangers’ (gentiles) who join themselves to His people, the Psalms where David beckons the ‘Kings and Judges of the earth’ (gentiles), the prophets that were, in part directed to go to ‘the nations’ (gentiles) (Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Jonah) and even Jesus who preached the gospel to ‘Greeks’ (gentiles) in John 12. It appears as if there is no Jew or Gentile gospel, but one gospel for all those who would follow God.

Would then, the statement “There is no ‘Gentile’ gospel.” be correct?

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