"Missiopathic" ~ Mission with an attitude.

      “Missiopathic,” “What it means to be a Missiopath.”     A working Definition:  A Missiopath is somebody who exhibits missiopathy, who behaves in a way that suggests a strong sense of mission (living as sent). Unlike the average human, a missiopath does not feel any sense of shame when committing to live […]

God-Directed Deviations in Evangelism: Summary

1. Any evangelist whose expressed objective is to “get his audience to heaven” or who holds out the prospect of proverbial “pot of gold at the end of a Gospel rainbow,” in whatever terminology it is couched, must immediately be viewed with deep suspicion. Regrettably all too many evangelists have fallen victim to an approach […]

Gospel Fencing, arguing about it without ever sharing it.

Regardless of how many times I ask someone, “What is the Gospel?” I get different responses.  It seems, to me at least, that the answers given are more agenda driven than careful and biblical conclusions. Believers often hesitate at answering the question because they either can not articulate it, or worse, they simply do not […]

Of Models, Modes, and Modifications, determining prescriptive vs. descriptive aspects of biblical texts.

      The question as to whether any given text of scripture is prescriptive or descriptive can be ascertained by good biblical interpretive practices. Some important questions:       Has a pattern of behavior been established within a text or its context? Is that pattern verifiable or based on assumption? Beyond a pattern, […]