A Couple of Quotes about The Church That You're Going to Want to Read

Here are a couple of quotes by Abraham Kuyper on the Church.  But first allow me to introduce him to you.    Abraham Kuyper, was a Dutch politician, journalist, statesman and theologian. He founded the Anti-Revolutionary Party and was prime minister of the Netherlands between 1901 and 1905. Theologically Kuyper has also been very influential.  Some […]

Women Want A Place in the Hierarchy of the Church.

Several thought-provoking statements in this 60 Minutes piece. One that sticks out in my mind is that “women want a place in the hierarchy of the church, and a seat at the table.”  One more time folks… there is no hierarchy in the church. Matthew 20:25, Mark 10:42, 1 Peter 5:1-3, 1 Thessalonians 5:12, etc. […]

Being 'Bi-Vocational' in Developing Countries Doesn't Look As Cool as it Does From A Privileged Perch

What do you do when you’re working full-time and receive a call into “full-time ministry?”  I know, you’re probably questioning the validity of “full-time ministry” as is commonly understood where a person gets a salaried position in a local church.  We can discuss that in the comment section if you’d like, but this post concerns […]

Training Every Believer For Mission, Not Just Pastoral Care For Congregations

Today, my friend Marty, on his blog “CHOSENREBEL’S BLOG,” reposted an article written back in February of 2011.  It’s titled; “LESLIE NEWBIGIN’S RADICAL INSIGHT INTO SEMINARY CURRICULA.”  The Thesis of the article is;  Seminaries are not Structured to Deliver the Right Kind of Graduate for the Mission of the Church.  You can read the complete […]

For Where Your Church Treasure is, There your Mission Heart Will be Also.

The Mission is to Make Disciples. Disciples are made by going, baptizing, and teaching others to obey all things that Christ commanded. (Matthew 28:18,19,20) Included in the “all things” that Christ commanded are loving our neighbors as ourselves and loving God with all of our hearts, mind, soul, and strength (Mark 12:33), and bearing one […]

If the Church is built upon the foundation of apostles and prophets. Why are so many trying to build it on the foundation of pastors?

Possible Points of Considerations: There’s only one church and Jesus is it’s Chief Cornerstone. There’s only one foundation to the church.  We can’t lay foundations over foundations. Prophets & Apostles are no longer needed. Someone’s got to step in. The Bible has been completed and there’s no more special revelation. They existed in their time […]

Are Local Churches Supposed to be Missional Turnstiles?

It’s pretty much a given that mission work is launched from local churches.  I say “pretty much” because I’m not sure it’s conclusive.  The more natural flow, to me, is that Church is launched from local Mission.  Think about it.  The mission is to make disciples.  Eventually, those disciples will gather together and form local […]

Of Hierarchy, Tiers, and Levels of Authority Within the Church.

In Lance Ford’s book, “UnLeader: Reimagining Leadership …and Why We Must,” he states: “In the kingdom of God we must view Jesus as our big L Leader—the one and only Senior Shepherd. Men and women can, and should, function in leadership but never be underscored with rank as leaders. Leadership must be viewed as a […]

Leading Edge Missiology and Ecclesiology?

When it comes to God’s Mission and its Church, words like recapture, regain, reclaim, and even resuscitate are used to reinforce the idea that the only way forward for the Mission and its Church is to go retro.  In order to advance as a church, we must certainly understand our history, but I’m not so sure […]

The Problem of a Missional Prophet

Jesus said, “There is no Prophet who is despised except in his city and among his kindred and in his house.” (Mark 6:4) Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)  The New American Standard Bible puts it this way: “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and among his own relatives and in his […]