The ‘No-till farming’ Revolution & Its Applications for the Church

I’ve recently read This Article about “No-Till Farming.”  I was immediately drawn in my mind to all of the farming analogies in scripture and the “organic” nature of God’s Mission with and amongst His people.  Specifically, and with respect to this article, I was drawn to the parable of the sower: “Listen! A farmer went out […]

Missions, Defining "Unreached," and Marginalizing People Groups

This this video discusses and defines who the “unreached” are.  The narrator starts off by saying: “The missionary question is not, where are there unbelievers and then send a missionary there. There are unbelievers everywhere.” The narrator then says that the missionary question is:   “Where are there peoples who don’t have any Christians in them, or […]

New Town, Christians in Crisis, and Firm Foundations

In our Church Planting / Disciple Making strategy (I consider the 2 synonymous) in the Cloud Forest Region of Ecuador, I was recently approached with a scenario that I find provoking.  In a nut shell: I work very closely with local pastors.  One came to me and said that there is a town (let’s call […]

Short-Term Missions Team From Scotts Hill Baptist Church Ministers in the Cloud Forest.

From the 22nd of March 2012 until the 30th, a short-term missions team from Scotts Hill Baptist Church helped us minister to the people of the Cloud Forest Region and beyond.  It was an intense week, and much was learned by all.  Here is a map of where Scotts Hill assisted us.  There is much […]

Church Planting in Microclimates, Microcultures, And Microspheres

The tendency of the church, in working to fulfill the Great Commission has been towards extended seasons of opportunity, larger cultures, and ever increasing spheres of influence.  This is not wrong.  Preaching the gospel to every creature requires that we consistently push outward from our principle spheres of influence,  from Judea and Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth.  Acts 1:8 The assumption […]

Are you ever more bothered by the phrase "Church Planting?"

“And this in turn has given rise to the belief that there are no dwarf women, and that dwarves just spring out of holes in the ground!” Gimli – Lord of the rings.   “Church Planting,” is one of those popular phrases in modern day Christianity.  The phrase itself, and propagation certainly rivals any the “movements” […]

Why We Call it, "Discipleship Group."

Every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., in a small town in the middle of the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest, people from surrounding communities gather for what we call, “Discipleship Group.” There is a core group of attendees, an “inner circle” if you will, but we’ve seen folks come from all over the world. The group in this […]

Why I'm No Longer the Sort that "Closes the Deal," in Evangelism… Part I

  I used to be the sort that asked others to raise their hands in the pews (with all heads bowed and all eyes closed of course)  after a sermon to “accept Christ.”  I used to be the sort that went to “serve” at Christian concerts and other events as an “altar call counselor.”  I […]

Developmental and Discipleship Disasters in Missions

      Missions! What a Mess!              I am sure that we are all aware of cases where various forms of development have turned out to be disastrous for the ones being developed. When our good intentions, bring harm to the ones who need help the most, or leave […]