Is the Local Church a 'Slice' of the Universal?

Social Media has been buzzing with “Church” talk.  What is the “Church?”  What is the “Local Church?”  Do we “go” to Church, or are we to “be” the church?  I think it’s a great conversation, even if it polarizes at times.  Some folks get a little nervous when reconsidering, re-evaluating, and perhaps even re-defining what […]

In Him we LIVE and MOVE and 'HAVE' our BEING.

Sitting around chanting “Kumbaya” while passing existential weed wrapped in bible paper is apparently how some think the church should “be.” In essence, the thought is that Christians should be “doing” less and “being” more. It sort of a self deafeating proposition when you think about it. Encouraging others to simply “be,” requires action, or at […]

Fracturing Jesus, The Gospel, and The Logos

In John 1:1, the bible says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  There is little question that “the Word” (λόγος Logos) here in this passage is referring to Jesus.  It refers to him as preexistent, divine, and in communion with the Father.  In the […]

In the Beginning was the Text, and the Text was with God, and the Text was God…

In a recent Facebook post, David Hayward aka Naked Pastor said; “Some use the text to figure out what love means. Others use love to figure out what the text means. Totally different outcomes.” To which, I left the comment; “In the beginning was the Text, and the Text was with God, and the Text […]

Scoffers and Mockers and End Times, Oh My!

Every time situations like Syria arise, there is an equal and proportionate rise in discussions about the end times. Look at this quote from the book, A Tale of Two Cities – “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of […]

Fracturing The Logos of the Gospel – Part II

In PART I  of this series, I said, “It has become fashionable to sever the (λόγος Logos) into parts and discard the objectionable.” I’d like to continue on that theme, but focus primarily on the relation of the words “gospel” and “logos.” In the book “Scripture As Logos; Rabbi Ishmael and the Origins of Midrash” […]

What's the Difference Between 'Always Reforming,' and 'Seeking to be Relevant?'

Many call “FOUL!” when others try to bring relevance to the way the church conducts itself, or when it seeks to contextualize the manner in which the gospel is brought forth.  They erroneously assume that doing either effectively changes the Message and distorts the nature of the Man, Christ Jesus. (1 Timothy 2:5)  In addition, […]

A Church Discipline Technicality or Loophole?

In the course of some normal ministry this past week and an abundance of discussion regarding church discipline in my social media circles, I could use some help.  I have lamented over the broad and perhaps exaggerated application of Matthew 18:15-20: “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you […]

Whatever Happened To Catechism & Discipleship?

There was a time when catechisms, like the Westminster and Heidelberg, served well the goal of Making Disciples. Catechism: From the Ancient Greek: κατηχισμός from kata = “down” + echein = “to sound”, literally “to sound down” (into the ears). Jesus said to “Teach them to observe/obey all that I have commanded you. Matthew 28:19,20 […]

To Not Engage a church Culture is to not be The Church Culture.

They’re a write off!  I’m not surprised when one Christian group writes off another for some obscure sensibility, but I’m still saddened by it.  To write someone or something off means: To drop someone or something from consideration… To give up on turning someone or something into something… To give up on someone or something […]