Deviations in Proclamation. "Why don't you just shut up already?"

  Verbal forms of ministry are consistently under attack.  Preaching, Teaching and Evangelism are but a few.  Perhaps it’s time for the reclamation of the art of Proclamation.         What makes proclamation different than evangelism, preaching, or teaching?  Who is to proclaim and what is to be proclaimed?  When is Proclamation appropriate? […]

When Social Justice is motivated by fear and guilt.

          Neither Social Justice nor Social Media will cure your ills.         “It’s not whether Social Justice trumps Evangelism, or vice versa, it’s the thoughts and intentions of the heart that precede.”   The Pendulum of social justice, speaking by serving, and hands on loving, vs. evangelizing, preaching, […]

God-Directed Deviations in Evangelism: Summary

1. Any evangelist whose expressed objective is to “get his audience to heaven” or who holds out the prospect of proverbial “pot of gold at the end of a Gospel rainbow,” in whatever terminology it is couched, must immediately be viewed with deep suspicion. Regrettably all too many evangelists have fallen victim to an approach […]