I Want to be a Disciple Maker, Not a Trainer.

When it comes to disciple making, I really don’t like the word “training.”  There appears to be some good uses of the word in the new testament, but with deeper examination the common notion of training is surprisingly evasive.   Here are the problems with the word “training:” It can create an ecclesial body gap […]

Does Church Structure Imply Authoritative Leadership?

A branch doesn’t say to the root, “I’m over you, therefore you must heed my wishes or submit to my authority.  Neither does the leaf say to the branch that “I absorb the light and provide you with the sustenance you need to live, therefore I will dictate the manner of your growth.”  The tree […]

Discipleship – Teaching Then Doing, or Teaching While Doing?

Most modern-day discipleship follows the pattern of teaching then doing.  Jesus pattern seemed to be teaching while doing.  Does the difference between these two necessitate a change for the church?  There an old adage that goes like this:   1.  I teach, you watch. 2. I teach, you help. 3. You do, I help. 4. […]

Tools For The Task Of Disciple Making, Does It Matter?

A Disciple Making Parable &  A Couple of Questions:   A world renown older gourmet chef was looking for someone to carry on his legacy.  He decided to open his kitchen, receive candidates, and interview some for the role of an apprentice.  One by one they came and were dismissed for not being equal to […]

The Recognition and the Appointment of Elders in the Church

Tomorrow night’s Discipleship Group will cover the second part of a 6 part series on Church Leadership.  It will center on an aspect of Church leadership which has given me much angst. Namely, that of recognizing and appointing elders.  There is little in the New Testament on the actual process of appointing elders, and in […]

7 Ways to Sneak into and Keep a Church Leadership Position

Convince people that it’s a needed and biblically warranted hierchacal position. Convince people that leadership is a “Spiritual Gift” (Romans 12) which some have and others don’t, and that the Ephesians 4:11 gifts are “Leadership Gifts.” Convince people that they should esteem you higher than themselves. Convince people that leadership in the New Testament Church is […]

What Do We Need Church Leaders For?

Believe me, I’m not being snarky or condescending when I ask this question.  But, if you are a church leader, why do we need you? If you are not a church leader, why do you think we need them?  Anyone can answer these questions.  Your thoughts? 

Leaders, Elders, and Ephesians 4:11

“Leadership Gifts” they’ve been called.  “Offices,” others say. Oh, and let’s not forget “Ministry” gifts for “Ministers.”  How we define and apply those gifts mentioned in Ephesians 4:11 will determine how effective their use is within in any local grouping of members in the Body of Christ.  Some ideed have limited these gifts to leadership, […]