This is Not Where I Belong?

Building 429’s “Where I Belong” is a catchy enough song.  In fact, I like it.  I just heard it for the first time just a few minutes ago.  You can play the video to listen or read the lyrics: Vs 1 – Sometimes it feels like I’m watching from the outside Sometimes it feels like I’m […]

Missional Imposition and Attractional Compulsion

Missional – living sent, going to them, outward focus. Attractional – drawing in, come to us, inward focus. Forgive me for minimizing both concepts, but I believe we’ve heard and read enough of each, and those words are still evolving.  There exists a nexus in both cases where presence is not genuine or community is forced. […]

Missions, Defining "Unreached," and Marginalizing People Groups

This this video discusses and defines who the “unreached” are.  The narrator starts off by saying: “The missionary question is not, where are there unbelievers and then send a missionary there. There are unbelievers everywhere.” The narrator then says that the missionary question is:   “Where are there peoples who don’t have any Christians in them, or […]

Why We Call it, "Discipleship Group."

Every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., in a small town in the middle of the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest, people from surrounding communities gather for what we call, “Discipleship Group.” There is a core group of attendees, an “inner circle” if you will, but we’ve seen folks come from all over the world. The group in this […]

Must We Promote Ourselves to More Effectively Promote Christ?

I MUST INCREASE, so that He may increase! The reasoning goes something like this… If I know I have important things to say and I am going to get others to listen to me, then they have to want to listen to me.  In order for them to want to listen to me, I have to be […]

Developmental and Discipleship Disasters in Missions

      Missions! What a Mess!              I am sure that we are all aware of cases where various forms of development have turned out to be disastrous for the ones being developed. When our good intentions, bring harm to the ones who need help the most, or leave […]