Becoming Indigenous

My wife and I were talking about being accepted as “one of their own” in various communities in the cloud forest region of Ecuador. She said, “It’s like we’re becoming indigenous.” My first thought was, “that’s brilliant!” We talked about it for a bit longer and then went on to other topics, but it has […]

Being 'Missional' Must Include Engaged Conversations That Point People To Their Need of Jesus Christ.

“Proclamation, proclamation…proclamation! Enough already!” I heard this spoken at a gathering of missional folks last year.  The person speaking was referring to what he presumed was the incessant verbalizing, ‘preaching,’ and vocalizing of the gospel without demonstrable living proof of the same.  In other words, and from his point of view, Christianity’s walk wasn’t lining […]

What Other Criterion Besides Making Disciples?

A blog post from 2011 resurfaced yesterday titled;  “CAN GROUPS BE MISSIONAL & MAKE DISCIPLES?” It referenced another blog post from 2011 titled; “Why Churches Should Euthanize Small Groups.” I would suggest reading those two articles before continuing further. A few sentences struck me in these pieces:     “Small groups are things that trick […]

Heart-Tugging Stories of Multi-Generational Discipleship – #1

Not too long ago, on one of our normal mission outreach days, I returned with my spiritual pride gutted. What we get to do here is exciting, costly, and humbling. To be honest, I have to constantly ask God if He’s using me in spite of myself. That thought is nearly too much to bear. […]

Affording Discipleship Training

If your discipleship method, or the means to get there, cannot be afforded by the average person, then it’s likely not discipleship at all. After all, discipleship is supposed to free. Isn’t it? Of course I’m speaking monetarily. Because real discipleship costs everything. But when discipleship, and by ‘discipleship’ I mean “The being and Making […]

'Who's Co-opting Your Missional Midrash?'

I remember when it was a “missional” conversation.  Dialogue was crucial to reactivating the latent mission DNA of Jesus’ Church.  I remember when “missional” was the opposite of “attractional.”  What ever happened to that?  I remember when nothing was missional and everything became missional.  I remember when missional first grew legs and supposedly stepped out […]

Is There A Full Frontal Assault On Christian Missionaries by ‘Missional’ Christians?

Let’s get something straight. The question is not about Short-Term missions trips or those that go on them. It’s about those who have been called out and sent by God to a particular place, for an indeterminate amount of time, outside of their own context. Statements like:       “Staying is the new Going,” […]

Slipstream Mission

A slipstream is a region behind a moving object in which a wake of fluid (typically air or water) is moving at velocities comparable to the moving object. Think of it as a wake with momentum. This momentum is powerful, often chaotic, and sometimes dangerous. Many would suppose to draft behind such movements to take […]

A Prayer To Use BEFORE You Evangelize

The Church is infamous for using what some call “The Sinner’s Prayer.”  It is often a prayer used to “seal the evangelism deal.”  While extremely effective in producing short-lived converts, it remains disastrous in making life long disciples.  In my upcoming book “The Gospel Rock in my Pocket,” I use an unconventional process for beginning […]

7 Ways to Make Sure Your Short-Term Missions Trips Suck.

1. Make yourselves the primary beneficiaries of the trip. ~ It’s not exactly new, but it’s becoming ever more prevalent that short-term missions serve to benefit the ones going on mission more than the ones being ministered to.  There are at least three possible beneficiaries:  People being ministered to on the field, those who go, […]