God-Directed Deviations in Missions: Defining Terms Part IV “Missionary”

The final segment of defining the term “Missionary,” will probably not satisfy some, but it is, and has been, a clay word for generations.  Its meaning will continue to be shaped, adjusted, or simply fade into non-use. Time and culture happen to all words. For reference, see Parts I, II, and III Stay with me […]

God-Directed Deviations in Missions: Defining Terms Part III “Missionary”

In order to further investigate how we understand the term “Missionary” and even more importantly, how we apply our understanding of the term, we have to be willing to lay down at least some of our preconceptions for brief moment. It is not my desire to devalue the term, but to reevaluate it. Before proceeding, […]

God-Directed Deviations in Missions

        Like my posts on God-Directed Deviations in Discipleship and Evangelism, I will now begin a series on God-Directed Deviations in Missions.  First, a few what ifs:         What if we redefined our terms?  The word Missionary occurs nowhere in the bible except for the headings between chapters, and […]