7 Things That Mission Workers Can Learn From the Ecuadorean Earthquake.

I was originally going to title this post; “What Short-Term Missionaries Can Learn from the Ecuadorean Earthquake,” but it seemed to narrow.  Whether you do short of long-term mission work, there are some valuable lessons to be learn in disaster relief efforts. As some of you may already know, a 7.8 earthquake that it many […]

Doctrinal Deal-Breakers Dissociative Disorder in The Church

No, Doctrinal Deal-breakers Dissociative Disorder (DDDD), is not a real thing.  I just made it up.  But if one were to look at the sheer number of denominations, somewhere between 217 and 3300 (yeah, I know), and question the reason that Christ’s followers are so fragmented, then that one would be justified in asking”Why?” and likewise […]

Cooked Rice Stains On My Christmas Pants, And How It Happened…

So there I was, kneeling and praying on a floor made of wooden planks not quite fit together for keeping out the elements or critters.  I’ve seen this before, plenty of times, but this day was different.  It wasn’t the wet rice that I was kneeling on that scratched my soul like fingernails on a […]

Mission and Church Planting Amongst The Poor – Losing Souls While Finding Sustainability?

My Wife and I, along with band of highly motivated indigenous and itinerant gospel laborers, seek to create mission outposts (plant churches) here in the Andes Mountains Cloud Forest Region of Ecuador.  Our direct goal is not to “plant churches” per se, but to Make Disciples and to help guide the local gatherings as they […]

A Dozen More Black Friday Ebook Deals For Christian Readers

Enjoy these 12 discounted ebooks for your Kindle or kindle enabled device and consider the opportunity at the intermission.  God’s Smuggler [Kindle Edition] by  Brother Andrew, John Sherrill, and Elizabeth Sherrill – $2.51   Embracing Obscurity: Becoming Nothing in Light of God’s Everything [Kindle Edition] by Anonymous – $0.99   Name Above All Names [Kindle Edition] […]

Thou Art The Church Which Causeth Poverty!

Dr. Jayakumar Christian once said, “Relationship is not a program or activity, an after thought, or an add-on.  The basic unit in any society is not individuals, but people in relationships. When “people in relationships” is fractured, or broken, or exclusion happens, then that is poverty and oppression.” You would think that one of the […]

The Lost Art of Pity

“I DON’T WANT YOUR PITY!”  or “DON’T YOU DARE PITY ME!”  Has anyone ever said either of those to you?   Usually, it’s a reaction based in some perceived humiliation or resentment.  Mostly though, I think it’s the church’s fault because she’s forgotten the Christian art and duty of pity. Disclaimer!  The next section of this post […]

Being 'Bi-Vocational' in Developing Countries Doesn't Look As Cool as it Does From A Privileged Perch

What do you do when you’re working full-time and receive a call into “full-time ministry?”  I know, you’re probably questioning the validity of “full-time ministry” as is commonly understood where a person gets a salaried position in a local church.  We can discuss that in the comment section if you’d like, but this post concerns […]

'Giving Back' Through Consumption ≠ Transformational Development

“In a culture where giving back through consumption is increasingly popular, and where myriad companies market items that purportedly help those in need, we should be cautious and deliberate about how we choose to support international development.” This is an excerpt from an article on how companies like TOMS purport to help the poor.  You […]

The Poor You Will Always Have With You… (Mt 26:11)

Guest Post from my wife today: I tend to swim around in my mind and heart a good bit in Christ’s teachings on the matter of poverty. In the Gospel of Matthew, we can find that Jesus has much to say about it. At times his teachings may even have seemed contradictory to some or […]