Should There be Fines For Disparaging the Bible and Offending Religious Feelings?

Polish court slapped a fine on Rabczewska who bad-mouthed the Bible and offended religious feelings.  Granted, the country is predominately and traditionally Roman Catholic, but you could insert any Denomination or Religion here where the move is trending from religious to secular. (In their own Estimation) Doda, said in an interview that she doubted the Bible because […]

Apocalyptic Scriptures – Good for Evangelism, Bad for Soul-Winning

The use of apocalyptic literature in the soul-winning is pervasive. The use of doom, gloom, and fear, has driven many not to hope, but to desperation. For the purposes of “saving someone from hell,” modern day evangelism may have driven some there by a more direct route. By hell, and for the purpose of this […]