3 Questions about Evangelization without Manipulation

What will it take  for evangelicals to dispense with the sort of evangelism that seeks to ‘convert’ others through manipulation, fear, malice, threat, or cleverly camouflaged forms of bribery? What will it take to stop promoting ‘christian’ religion by means, methods, and motives that are contrary to the Spirit of the Gospel? What will it take […]

Are Bible words Magical?

Is the Bible Magical?   Ok, well, not really in a magical ‘Hocus Pocus’ or ‘Abracadabra’ incantational sort of way,  but perhaps in another?  If you responded to the initial question with a resounding “NO!” then does your use the Bible reflect an attitude that limits its power?  There are many who use the Bible personally, or apply its use toward […]

11 Perils of Liturgy & 11 Possibilities

I’m a Zero Liturgy sort of guy, or so I’d like to believe. There are many reasons for this, but I think I prefer the spontaneity and diversity of expressions when God’s people get together. Don’t get me wrong, I find high liturgies fascinating and know that practically every action has its ‘religious’ significance and […]

Are You Squirrely about 'Causing other's to Stumble?'

Quick! Hide from those stumbling saints! “So if what I eat causes another believer to sin, I will never eat it again as long as I live–for I don’t want to cause another believer to stumble.” 1 Corinthians 8:13 “As long as I practice my Christian liberty in private, then I don’t have to worry about […]

A Prayer To Use BEFORE You Evangelize

The Church is infamous for using what some call “The Sinner’s Prayer.”  It is often a prayer used to “seal the evangelism deal.”  While extremely effective in producing short-lived converts, it remains disastrous in making life long disciples.  In my upcoming book “The Gospel Rock in my Pocket,” I use an unconventional process for beginning […]

Moral Greed

The concept of moral greediness has been churning in my mind of late. I’ve accepted the permanence of greed in this world as I’ve accept the permanence of poverty. I think they’re causally related. Greed, along with its cousins, envy, jealously, and violence, cause poverty. Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you,” […]

Are Christians Supposed to 'Stand Up For What They Believe?'

This one was inspired by my nephew who engaged on a difficult question on my Facebook page.  He said, “I am standing up for what I believe I because that is what we are called to do!”   It’s a phrase that I’ve heard hundreds of times in a multitude contexts, but when my nephew […]

Cooked Rice Stains On My Christmas Pants, And How It Happened…

So there I was, kneeling and praying on a floor made of wooden planks not quite fit together for keeping out the elements or critters.  I’ve seen this before, plenty of times, but this day was different.  It wasn’t the wet rice that I was kneeling on that scratched my soul like fingernails on a […]

The Bride of Christ, She's A Hot Mess.

Recently, I’ve heard several folks say, or allude to the idea that, “If you talk bad about The Church, you’re talking bad about the Bride of Christ, and the Groom (Jesus), isn’t going to like it very much.”  For the most part, sayings like that or variations of it, are leveled against those who appear […]

The Reformation, The Conformation, and The Transformation.

For “Reformation Day,” I’d like to consider three words that are often used synonymously, but are not.  There is some overlapping in the meaning of these words, but I think the church misses out when not embracing, and implementing, all three.  Those the words are; Reform, Transform, and Conform: Conform – σύμμορφον (symmorphon) – properly, […]