The Top 5 God Directed Deviations of 2013

The highlight of my blogging experience this past year was when a couple and their family traveled 7000 miles to meet me, encourage me, and tell me how the blog has encouraged their faith community.  I am so grateful for the hope and peace they left behind. I never know which blog posts will be […]

Cooked Rice Stains On My Christmas Pants, And How It Happened…

So there I was, kneeling and praying on a floor made of wooden planks not quite fit together for keeping out the elements or critters.  I’ve seen this before, plenty of times, but this day was different.  It wasn’t the wet rice that I was kneeling on that scratched my soul like fingernails on a […]

To Hell With Integrity?

Today’s Guest Blog Post by: Claudia Labrador I am not a famous blogger.  In fact, I am nobody, really.  But I have a bone to pick with famous bloggers who make their living being controversial at the expense of hurting others, and then making light of it by hiding behind all of the comments from […]